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Announcements November 5th 31st Sunday Ordinary Time

1. Today is the 31st Sunday of Ordinary Time, the readings invite us into servant leadership.

2. We have begun our Parish visitation; on Tuesday 7th we will visit the remaining houses of Zone 4 and will begin our visit of houses in Zone3. Your animators will inform you which houses will be visited. The visitation is from 7:30 p.m. onwards. The purpose of the visit is to spend time with you, please do not serve us anything to eat or drink.

3. The PPC meeting will be held on Thursday 9th November after the Evening Mass

4. Registration Forms for admission to the Junior Kindergarten of St. Anne’s High School, Fort, and St. Agnes Byculla for the Academic Year 2024-2025 will be available online on the school website from 1st November to 17th November 2023. For details, please refer to the school website or the school notice board.

5. Online Admissions to the Pre-primary section of St. Isabel’s Mazagaon are open. Please refer to the notice board for details.

6. The Online application forms for admissions to St. Mary’s School ICSE &ISC for Jr. Kg for the academic year 2024-25 are available from 1st November to 30th November. Please look up the school website for further details.

7. Admission forms for Lower K.G. at Villa Teresa School will be available online at their website from Thursday, 16th November to Saturday, 16th December 2023.

8. On World Day of the Poor 19th November, we will a launch a special project of cooking and feeding the poor. We need volunteers to help out in the pre-cooking stage, packing and distribution of food on Saturday and Sunday i.e., Nov 18/19. Please contact your Parish Council Member if you wish to help.

9. The collection on Sunday 29th October was 35530. We thank you for your generosity.



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