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Announcements October 15th 2023, 28th Sunday Ordinary Time

1. Today is the 28th Sunday of Ordinary Time, the readings remind us that we are all invited to participate in the heavenly banquet, may our life choices result in us being Chosen

2. After the evening mass, the Parish Council will meet on Wednesday 18th October in the KG classroom. We request all Parish Council members to be present.

3. The Parish News Bulletin for the next quarter has been printed. Please do pick up a copy. It is also available on the website as a digital copy.

4. CitizenCredit Co-operative Bank is offering Awards for Academic Excellence to be held on December 2 for the Academic year 2022-23. For Details Contact the nearest Branch, for Details refer to the Church Notice board.

5. We begin our Parish visitation on Tuesday 17th October and Thursday 19th October with Zone 6 (Our Lady of Lourdes Community). The visitation is from 7:30 p.m. onwards. The purpose of the visit is to spend time with you, please do not serve us anything to eat or drink.

6. Next Sunday 22nd October is Mission Sunday, a second collection will be made at the mass for the needs of the Missions.

7. Please pay your yearly subscription for the Examiner for the year November 2023 to October 2024.

8. The Masses for Wednesday, 2nd November, All Souls’ Day are as follows: 7:00 a.m. 8 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. in English. We will be keeping a special book for mass intention for all Souls Day from Monday 16th October onwards. You are invited to write the name of the person for whom you wish us to pray for in this book, you are also free to paste a picture of the loved one you want us to pray for. On All Soul’s day, this book will be placed on the altar and we will offer the Eucharist for all names written in the Book.

9. The collections are as follows

a. Sunday 8th October the parish feast Rs. 73,870 /-

b. First Friday Collections Rs 10,000/-

c. Special Novena Collection to feed the poor Rs 35581

d. Box Collection Rs 11, 819

Thank you for your generosity.



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