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Meet the New Parish Council

Updated: May 1, 2023

Zone 1:

Mr. Shevron Furtado

Mrs Maria Coutinho

Mr. Ben Carvalho

Zone 2 :

Mrs Nelly Rodrigues

Mr. Vilbert D'Souza

Mr. Nicolau D'Souza

Zone 3:

Mrs Claire Figueiredo

Mrs Alita Braganza

Mr.Alphonso Fernandes

Zone 4:

Mrs Irene Nazareth

Mrs Shirley Castellino

Mr Valentine De'Souza

Zone 5 :

Mr Jocelyn Pereira

Mrs Selma Pulical

Mrs Mellicent Baptista

Zone 6 :

Mrs Shanti Monterio

Mrs Fay D'Souza

Mr.Melroy Rebello

Nominated members and members of associations are to be added


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