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Announcements August 6th, 2023, 18th Sunday Ordinary Time

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

  1. Today is the 18th Sunday of Ordinary Time and the feast of the Transfiguration of Our lord. The Transfiguration proclaims Christ's divine sonship and foreshadows His future glory when He, the Messiah, will bring forth the long-awaited Kingdom of Heaven. We also celebrate today as Vianney Sunday and invite you to pray for your priest.

  2. We thank the youth of our Parish for a wonderful Parents' Day celebration. Thank you for a lovely and meaningful liturgy and an entertaining evening

  3. Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorder Society invites you to an awareness program on neurological conditions of the elderly, which includes information about Parkinson's Disease, Stroke and Dementia, and the importance of healthy ageing for senior citizens. Please join us on Sunday, 20 August at 10:45 am in the undercroft. Do attend in large numbers and benefit from the free education program on neurological conditions affecting the elderly. Please contact the senior citizens' core group members to register your names

  4. The Rosarian Senior Citizens Association will have a prayer meeting on Thursday 10th August at 6 pm in the Kg classroom. All are invited.

  5. The family cell of our Parish is organising a special family inhouse picnic in our church compound on Tuesday 15th August from 11 am onwards, we encourage you to come together as a family with your picnic basket, we will organise games, entertainment and a host of engagement activities for you all as a family. Details will follow via the Parish Council members

  6. A Konkani Drama titled "TUMI ZABAB DIAT", in Aid of The Society of Our Lady of Piety, ( known as Piety Home), Dabul will be held at Sahitya Sangh Hall, Girgaum, Charni Road on Sunday, 20 August 2023 at 8.00 p.m., presented by Menino De Bandar. Parishioners are requested to patronize the above programme for a worthy cause.

  7. The Inter-Religious Cell of Gloria Church, Byculla is organizing a "PEACE PRAYER VIGIL FOR MANIPUR" on Saturday, 12th August, at 5 pm, you are invited to participate.

  8. The Youth of our Parish is Planning a world youth day celebration on Sunday 13th August, we invite all youth to participate. For detail contact your Youth representatives.

  9. On the occasion of Vianney Sunday, we will be having a special collection for the sick and retired priests. You as a family will receive an envelope, Please do make your contributions, the proceeds will go towards the needs of the sick and retired priests at the clergy home. Those who would like to make their contribution by cheque may do so in the name of the “Archdiocese of Bombay”. Please mention your PAN number and address for receipts. Please note this is a voluntary collection. You may drop your contributions in the boxes placed beside the altar and at the rear entrance of the church.

  10. On the request of the Cardinal, on Saturday, August 12th, and Sunday, August 13th, a special collection will be made at communion for the relief measure for the people of Manipur. Those who would like to make their contribution by cheque may do so in the name of the “Archdiocese of Bombay”. Please mention your PAN number and address for receipts.

  11. The collection for Sunday, July 23, was Rs. 35400/-. The box collection was Rs 10060/- This collection goes towards the needs of the parish. Thank you for your generosity.


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