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Announcements August 27th, 2023, 21st Sunday Ordinary Time

1. Today is the 21st Sunday of Ordinary time, Jesus invites us to answer the question Who do you say I am? Our relationship with God determines our answer

2. The Bombay Catholic Sabha Rosary Unit is offering its annual scholarships for deserving Catholic students from our parish. The scholarship is for academics and sports for the year 2022-23. The forms are available at the parish office. Details are on the notice board.

3. A Special Scholarship in memory of the late Mr Mervyn and Mrs Felicia Valladares, for the education of any girl child for academic excellence will be given on 8th September. Application forms are available with the Parish office. The last date for submission is 30th August.

4. The 9-day Novenas in preparation for the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady will be prayed during the 7:00 p.m. Mass every evening from 30th August till the feast day on 8th September, except on Sunday. On Sunday the Novena will be prayed at the 8.30 am Children’s Mass. As the Nativity Novena is a devotion special to children, we will have special activities prepared for them during each day of the Novena. In case you would like to sponsor any of the activities/ snacks, please contact Fr. Shavito or any of the Parish Fathers We invite all the faithful especially the Sunday school children to attend this devotion in large numbers.

5. As a part of our outreach for the Novenas, we are responding to the needs of 4 homes. They are Shepherd’s Home, St. Anthony Home, St. Joseph Home and Our Lady’s Home. Our inquiries with them have provided a list of requirements. A detailed list is put on the Notice Board and circulated through the parish council. For the sake of organisation, each community is allotted one day however, they are free to make contributions for more than 1 day. Since these are Homes it’s advisable for a community/ zone to collectively contribute towards the offering so as to maintain uniformity. Your parish council members will approach you for your assistance. Please do extend your support to this endeavour.

6. To celebrate the Day of the Girl Child, the Women's Cell of our parish is organising a get-together with lunch titled 'Dhanyavaad' on the 09th of September from 11:00 AM to 01:00 PM. It is open to all female domestic workers working in our homes. We request all parishioners cooperate with us in this endeavour and send their domestic helpers on this day. For registration and further details please look up the notice board.

7. On account of the Novena, we will not have the devotion to the Perpetual Succour on Wednesday 30th August. The Holy Half on September 1st the first Friday will be after the Novena Mass.

8. On Tuesday 5th September we celebrate Teachers Day. We will pray for all teachers and we invite teachers of our Parish to join us in prayer at the Eucharist at 7 a.m. We request the Parish council members to keep us informed about the number of teachers attending as we would like to provide them with breakfast after the mass.

9. The Mass Dairy of October to December will open on 1st September.

10. A free medical Camp for Children women and Orthopaedic Patients is organised by the All India Professional Congress on Sunday 27th August from 10 am to 2 pm. Please do avail of the facilities.

11. The collection for Sunday, August 20th, was Rs36242. /-. The Collection on 15th August was Rs 11800/- These collections go towards the needs of the Parish. The Box collection was Rs 5584/-

12. Other Collections

a. Clergy Fund Rs 97780/- in cash

b. Cheques Rs 144000

Total Rs 241870: (Two lakhs four one thousand eight hundred seventy)

c. Manipur Relief Rs 98100/- in cash

d. In cheques Rs 2,24,500

Total of Rs 322600/- (Three lakhs twenty-two thousand six hundred)

Thank you for your generosity.



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