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Women's cell

  • Priest in Charge: Fr. Nigel Barrett

  • Meeting Time: No fixed day

  • Frequency: Once a month


The Women's Cell is dedicated to empowering and encouraging women for a better future. Their vision is to create opportunities for women in the parish to spiritually connect with God through prayer and worship, connect with the community through social engagement, and connect with the world through service and outreach activities. The Women's Cell has a rich history of conducting various activities, including celebrations for the girl child, Women's Day, outreach to orphanages, tele-games, Children's Day, and collaborating on parish events with other associations. In the current year, they are focusing on organizing talks on important women-related topics, exercise and sports sessions, spiritual sessions, and other community engagement activities. Through these initiatives, the Women's Cell plays a vital role in nurturing and strengthening the role of women in the parish.

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