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SUNday school

Our Sunday school caters to the children right from the nursery to college level. At present, we have around 100 students tutored by 11 teachers and a sister of the Sisters of Charity of Nazareth and a brother from St. Pius X College, Goregaon. Our spiritual Director, Fr. Bosco Remedios, meets with the catechists often to discuss the plan of action for the various programmes for the children during the year.


The syllabus prescribed for the Sunday school children both for Primary and Secondary sections together with the calendar of events starting from the month of June up to the Easter season i.e. April next year, are planned be the Diocesans Pastoral Centre, including programmes and activities for the year.


Sunday school is an important aspect of getting children as well as their parents involved in the parish. Sunday school is a great way of getting the community together through various activities. On parent’s day, the children put up a show to entertain their parents. On September 8, children prepare for Mother Mary’s birthday with a meaningful Novena.

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