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The Unremarkable Journey of the Hypnotizing View

On August 24, the Rosarian Active Youth organized a trek to the Garbett Plateau. We were accompanied by a few other non-member youth friends and Fr. Shavito Correia.

We started our day at the odd hour of 5:00 a.m. with our sleepy eyes but stirred spirits. We travelled via train to Bhivpuri Road station and then walked for about 20 mins to reach the starting point of our journey i.e. the top of the plateau. Like every mechanical system requires a source of power, we too require energy to get our feet and minds active and alive. We stopped for breakfast at one of the eating houses at the spot with tea, coffee, food in our tummies we got ourselves all prepped up for the journey that lay ahead. Before we began the climb, we introduced ourselves to one another, then being ushered by Ben, Benjamin and Ojha, who assisted us through on Mounting Memories and Probing Around the Harbour

We entertained ourselves by singing hymns, cracking jokes, a random check on how things were going on these days and most of all, journeying together by being of help to one another. We passed by a small village on the mountain and also met other groups of trekkers who were trekking on the same day. And at last, we reached the top of the plateau and the view…. well it was a sight to behold. Nature was at its best, a canvas; the mesmerizing sky with some proximate hill tops and the lake, all still and calming.

All drenched out of energy we sat together clicking the sufficient number of pictures to upload on social media, playing games and even shutting our eyes for a minute or two. By 3 pm that afternoon we departed from that irresistible site, walking up wasn’t that much of a trouble than going down. Nearing the bottom of the plateau we spotted a waterfall and couldn’t resist just trespassing that place, so we went for a while in there. We reached the end of our journey at 7 pm and travelled back home.



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