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Notices for 9th February 2020

1. Today Liturgy is of the 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time.

2. Keeping with the Request of the Cardinal to provide accurate information with regards to a parish we are starting the Parish Census. The Parish Council member and community animators will approach you and assist you in filling out the Census form. Since the Census is an online procedure, we will also have a help disk to assist Parishioner who have difficulty in filling their details. Please co-operate with the animators and Parish council members who will come to your houses to fill in the details for you.

3. Keeping in mind the Founding Fathers Vision of St. Peters School, the management is offering scholarships to assist the financial burden of deserving families. Those interested in applying please contact the St. Peters School office. Do contact Rosary Church office for a recommendation letter.

4. We have commenced the repairs of the Church Building. The estimated time of repairs is 9 months. While the repairs take place, we will be using the undercroft for mass and other services. We request your prayers and support for this major project and apologize for any inconvenience.

5. On Sunday 9th February we will have a training program for all Eucharistic Ministers, Choir Members and lectors. This training program will be conducted by Fr. Melroy Fernandes and will start at 4 pm. The venue is the KG class room.

6. The Parish annual day /SSC rally will be on the 23rd of February. The Parish council members and animators will approach you with coupons for entry and meals. The Program includes the Eucharist, breakfast, input sessions by various resource persons on health, finance and parenting in the digital age and lunch. The registration is nominal fee of Rs 20/- per head. Do come and participate and celebrate the Joy of being a community.

7. In the light of the Church Repairs we are reserving the Blessed Sacrament in the adoration Chapel. Hence the Chapel will be locked every night at 10 pm and will be opened at 6 am.

Fr Nigel Barrett Parish Priest



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