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Notices for 19th January 2020

1. Today Liturgy is of the 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time.

2. Keeping with the Request of the Cardinal to provide accurate information with regards to a parish we are starting the Parish Census. The Parish Council member and community animators will approach you and assist you in filling out the Census form. Since the Census is an online procedure, we will also have a help disk to assist Parishioner who have difficulty in filling their details. Please co-operate with the animators and Parish council members who will come to your houses to fill in the details for you.

3. The Covenant Couple, partners-in-mission with the Community of Jesus the Light of the world, will be presenting the Alpha Marriage Program for Married Couples. The Program focusses on strengthening relationships and renewal of marital Commitment. It will commence on 8th Feb 2020. Covenant Couples will be available after masses on 26th of January 2020 for further information and registration. Details are on the notice board.

4. We will be having a Parish Inter-Zonal games for Football and Throwball on Sunday, 26th January. Those interested in participating kindly give your names to your Zonal Animators. Please do come and cheer your teams.

5. Keeping in mind the Founding Fathers Vision of St. Peters School is offering scholarships to assist the financial burden of deserving families. Details will be put up on the notice board.

6. Next Sunday is Republic Day. We host the flag at 6:45 am, we invite Parishioners to join in.  On account of the flag hosting the Sunday morning Konkani mass will start at 7:15 am. The 8:15 and 9:30 mass are as usual. At the 9:30 am Eucharistic we will have the sacrament of Confirmation administered by Bishop Dominic Savio.

7. We are shortly commencing the repairs of the Church Building. The estimated time of repairs is 9 months. While the repairs take place, we will be using the undercroft for mass and other services. We request your prayers and support for this major project and apologise for any inconvenience.

Fr Nigel Barrett Parish Priest



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