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Notices for 27th October 2019

1. Today’s liturgy is of the 30th Sunday of Ordinary time.

2. There is no Sunday School or Confirmation Class.

3. Bombay Catholic Sabha is organising their Annual Talent Contest on Saturday 16th November 2019. Details will be put up on the Notice board

4. Line Dancing will be conducted in the under croft every Friday after the evening mass. Those interested can register on the spot.

5. The Prayer group is organising a Jericho March at the Matherpacady village on the 27th of October from 4:30 pm onward. You are requested to assemble at the oratory, the purpose of the Jericho march is to pray for the sick and informed of our parish.

6. From the month of November our Parish will be following the norms of the Archdioceses for the offering of Mass. The Practice of multiple intentions is now stopped. According to the norms of the church any priest who celebrates a mass may accept an offering to apply the mass for a specific intention. Thus there can be only a single intention for each mass. Exceptions will be made for months mind and death anniversaries. The book of mass will open in the last week of the month and will be only for the following month. Keeping with the law of the universal church our Parish will have 2 mass in which multiple intentions will be offered, Wednesday 7:00 pm mass is box intentions and Saturday 7:00 pm mass will carry pluri intentions.

a. Box Intention: is one where a box is kept and any individual can put his/her stipend, however big or small for the mass to be offered. However, only one single mass will be offered for all the intentions and for the amount of money that is put in the box.

b. Pluri - Intention Mass: Is one that is offered for the specific intentions of several individuals with each one giving a definite amount of money (equal to the diocesan stipend) and only one mass will be celebrated for all the intentions.

7. November 1st is the First Friday. There will be an Holy Half hour before the Eucharist.

8. CitizenCredit Co-operative Bank has announced its annual Awards for Academic Excellence. The Awards for the academic year 2018-19 will be given in January 2020. For details Please look up the notice board and contact your nearest branch.



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