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Announcements 23rd April 3rd Sunday After Easter

1. We pray that like the disciples in today’s gospel, our hearts will recognize the Eucharistic lord as he breaks bread and his word to us. May our hearts burn with faith as we strive to make his name known

2. We Like to place on record our gratitude to all the Parish Council Members who have given so much of their time and Energy in the service of the Parish. God Bless you for all you have done. We also welcome the new Parish Council Members. The list of all the elected members is on the notice Board.

3. Those who wish to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in 2024 are requested to register their names at the Parish Office along with a copy of their Baptism certificate. Anyone who has completed the 10th standard board examination or is above the age of 15 is eligible. Please pick up a registration form from Fr. Shavito or the Parish office and submit the same with your baptism Certificate. The last date to submit the form is 4th June 2023. Classes will commence on 18th June 2023.

4. The preparatory novena service will be held at the Holy Cross oratory in Matharpacady village at from Sunday 23rd April 2023, the novena will be held daily at 7.30 pm. All are welcome.

5. Novenas at the Holy Cross, D'lima Street opposite Bachoowall building begins on 24th April at 7.45 pm and on Saturday at 8.00 pm. The Feast Day celebration on 3rd May at 7.45 pm. All are welcome

6. The Novenas in preparation for the Cross feast at the Rear Helal building began on 24th April at 8 pm sharp. The Feast Mass is celebrated on 3rd May at 8 pm. All are invited.

7. The Sunday collection on 16th April was Rs 33390/- The Lenten alms which goes towards the Archdiocesan Seminary was Rs 152000 in cheques and Rs108000 in cash making it a grand total of Rs260000/- We thank you for your generosity.

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