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4th Sunday of Lent 10th March 2024

1.   Today is the fourth Sunday of Lent which is called Laetare Sunday. The Latin ‘Laetare’ means Rejoice. We are called to rejoice in God's saving action which is seen in letting his Son Jesus die on the cross, rise from the dead, and, therefore, offer us salvation. May this season of Lent be a divine embrace of this Love.

2.  The Parish Council will meet on Monday 11th March after the evening mass. We request all parish council members to be present.

3. ⁠The next Stations of the Cross in English will conducted by Zone 5 on the 15th of March.

4.  Those who wish to make the Pilgrimage to Vasai please reserve your seat and make your payment of Rs 200/- to Ms Freda at the KG office.

5.  We have introduced the concept of the giving box. The idea is that our sacrifice and fasting should benefit others. The box placed near the altar is meant to remind us that we are called to reach out to those in need. Your contribution placed in this box will be matched by the church and in the Easter season we will have the second round of the feeding project as done earlier during the World Day of the Poor. For convenience, we have put a QR code on the box for those who want to make an electronic transfer. Please indicate the cause in your transactions.

6.  ⁠To celebrate Women's Day, the Women's Cell is also organising a Ferry boat party for all the women of our parish, aged 16 and above. This will be held on Saturday 16th March from 4:30 pm to 8 pm. You can register for this get-together, in the parish office with a registration fee of Rs. 50/- per head. The last date for registration is this Sunday 10th March.

7.   We are introducing a tradition of the church practice during Lent called the Passo service. This will be part of the liturgy on Saturday 9th and 16th March

8.    ⁠ ⁠⁠On Sunday 24th March Palm Sunday we are planning a special Lenten mission which includes music, prayer, reflections and a live tableau. We invite all parishioners to attend and be part of this mission. Details will be circulated shortly via your PPC members after the Parish Council meeting.

9.    We request the parents of those who received 1st Holy Communion and also the Confirmation students to collect their certificates from the parish office on any weekday during office timings.

10.  The Diocesan Youth Centre is organising Camps for youth who have completed their SSC on self-discovery called High on Life on April 8th to 11th and 11th to 14th. The Second Camp is for those who have appeared for their HSC called Facing the Future from the 14th to 17th of April and from the 17th to 20th of April. The last Camp is for degree college youth called Top it Up and is from 20th to 23rd April and 23rd to 26th April. Details of the Camps and how to register is on the Notice Board. Please avail of these opportunities.

11.  The collections are as follows

a.              First Friday was ₹9830 /-

b.              Sunday 3rd March ₹29130/-We thank you for your generosity




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