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media cell

The Rosary Church media cell is recently-formed group whose basic task is to engage with parishioners on social media. The group is in charge of promoting the activities of the church on various social media platforms namely Facebook and Instagram.

  Apart from social media, the Media Cell brings out the parish bulletin and also updates the parish website. 

  • Priest in Charge: Fr. Nigel Barrett

  • Meeting Time: No fixed day

  • Frequency: Once a month

The media cell engages in a diverse set of activities to enhance communication and media within the parish. These activities include the creation and publication of a Parish Newsletter once every three months, ensuring that parishioners are well-informed about recent developments and events. On a monthly basis, the team provides updates about parish activities on the notice board, ensuring that the parish community is aware of the latest happenings. During Mass and announcements, the Media Cell is responsible for crafting and presenting reflections and visual content on the screen at mass. Additionally, they maintain the parish website to keep it current and informative. 

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