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legion of mary

The Legion of Mary as the name suggests is a group of `prayer warriors` dedicated to Mother Mary. The Legion of our Parish consists of two groups; Juniors and Seniors who have meetings once a week for about an hour or more praying to the Holy Spirit followed by the Holy Rosary. Discussions are held regarding Legion matters and the meeting is conducted corporate style with minutes and accounts recorded. Besides praying we as apostles are sent out to do a minimum of 2 hours of work during the week, which is mainly visiting our parishioners, especially the sick and the home-bound. Legionaries are called to very gently coax and encourage the faithful to pray the Holy Rosary and attend the Holy Mass at least on Sundays. Legionaries also come to the service of people who are sick and are in need of hospitalization. We are called to visit not only the Catholics but even people of other faiths. Legionaries also visit hospitals and institutions like the Clergy Home, All Saints Home, Asha Dan and various others. Legionaries are called to do many other works of Charity and Mercy. The juniors are called to do simple works of service in the Church and sacristy and occasionally visit along with the Seniors. The main purpose of being a legionary is to serve God under the banner of Mary by Corporal and spiritual works of mercy, to live a holy life and bring others to holiness. Finally, Legionaries are called to imitate the virtues of Mary namely humility.

  • Priest in Charge: Fr. Merwyn D'Souza

  • Meeting Time: Sundays, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

  • Frequency: Weekly

  • Activities: The Legion of Mary is a dedicated group of prayer warriors who meet weekly to honor Mother Mary. Comprising Juniors and Seniors, they pray, discuss Legion matters, and record minutes. Legionaries are instrumental in visiting parishioners, especially the sick and homebound, encouraging prayer and Mass attendance. They also extend their service to those of other faiths and visit hospitals and various institutions. Legionaries also extend their services to people of other faiths and visit hospitals and various institutions like the Clergy Home, All Saints Home, Asha Dan, among others. Their mission includes works of charity and mercy, with juniors assisting in church service and occasional visits. Legionaries aim to serve God under Mary's banner, promoting holiness and emulating her virtues, particularly humility.

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