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Community - St Anthony

  • Priest in-charge: Fr. Nigel Barrett

  • Sister in-charge: Sr. Josephine Arul Arockiam

  • Lay coordinator: Shevron Furtado


The Origin of the D'Lima street cross comes from an interesting history of what was the First Gloria Church or the Church of "Nossa Senhora da Glória" which was built by the Franciscans in 1596. As the Bombay Port expanded, they needed a railway to facilitate the export of goods, thus this church was shifted to the present location in Byculla. All that remains of this Old Church is this old cross. Near the current location of this cross, we have Bob's bungalow which was a hospital in the early days which was later converted into a residence. Our streets are named "Church street" and "hospital lane" , which serves as a reminder of what it was once. 

 Additionally, we have 3 more crosses in the area, which were built during The Great plague of Bombay.



Community - Holy Cross

  • Priest in-charge - Fr. Nigel Barrett

  • Sister in-charge - Sr. Vijaya Challil

  • Lay coordinator - Vilbert Dsouza


Within the zone is located a defense PSU viz. Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Limited and various temples belonging to Jainism and Hinduism. But the most unique is the Kuan Kung Temple which is the only Chinese temple in Mumbai. Opposite this temple there's a Cross where the community meets once a year to pray the rosary. 

The club that lies in a quiet alley, in a building opposite Mazagaon Docks was previously a beautiful little cottage-like structure. The cross as well as the club (of Seraulim) was built prior to 1948. The cross that stands erected near the building (now nawab mansion) gave an identity to the club. Passersby, irrespective of their religion, pay homage  to the cross.

The Light of Unity Community is situated on the eastern side of the Dockyard Road Station and it extends to the three sides of the Church building.



Community - Light of Unity

Zone 3- Aashirwad Community

  • Priest in-charge : Fr. Merwyn 

  • Sister in-charge: Sr. Vijaya 

  • Lay coordinator : Sophia Fernandes 


The Aashirwad community, established in 1999, spans from the harbor railway line to Joseph Baptista Garden. With around 60 families, it includes Suryakund Society, Sujata, Meenakshi, Yash Residency, Navanagar, Fatema Building, Jasmine Apts, Belvedere Road, St. Peter’s School campus, Mazgaon TT, and All Saints Home. New additions are Kishant Building and Rosary House.

Our zone is enriched by All Saints Home for the elderly and needy and St. Peter’s School. Our animators, some serving for up to even 24 years, manage clusters. Meetings occur in animators' homes and sometimes in the church compound. Joseph Baptista Garden, in our zone, holds significance as the birthplace of the freedom fighter "Kaka," influenced by Lokmanya Tilak.

The community aims to be active and vibrant, and to reach out to the people.



Commuity - Ashirvad
  • Priest in-charge - Fr. Merwyn

  • Sister in-charge - Sr. Florina

  • Lay coordinator - Shirley Castellino


The Marian Community draws its name from its patron, "Our Lady of Lourdes." Annually in February, all families unite to celebrate the community's existence. Our zone is surrounded by heritage structures, including the Portuguese-style house Lion's Den, the historic Miranda House, the revered Miranda Cross, and the Kudd Club, a haven for Goan male migrants. Notably, a famous mango tree in the vicinity yields fruit twice a year, becoming a cherished commodity.

Within this community, the transition of responsibility from senior members to the youth is a ritual. This passing of the baton encourages new working methods, ideas, and facilitates the growth of each member. The community's vision centers on prayer, family, and service, creating a harmonious blend of tradition and progress.



Community - Marian

Priest in-charge: Fr. Shavito

Sister in-charge: Sr. 

Lay coordinator: Jocelyn, Selma, Rowena, Benny, Noellene, Mellicent, 


The Zone is a beautiful blend of old and new. The 150+ years old Matharpacady Village and the comparatively new settlements around it. It boasts of its very own blessed sacrament that is a haven for senior citizens in the community. The 149 yrs old Holy Cross Oratory serves as a centre point for all celebrations - religious and cultural. Given the diversity in age, members of the community are willing to learn from each other and share their knowledge and experience for a richer community life. The community has a budding number of school and colleges going children who are well ingrained into the church and actively participate in various activities in the community. 

The heritage village of Matharpacady is known for its characteristic Portuguese-styled houses. In its calm lanes live East Indians, Bohri Muslims, Roman Catholics and Maharashtrians.


Community - St Roque

Priest in charge - Fr Shavito Correia

Sister in charge - Sr Florina Joseph

Lay Co ordinator - Shanti Monteiro


The Our Lady of Lourdes Community  of Zone 6 is a vibrant community where all members young and old come forward to participate in both spiritual and social events. Members are generous with their time, contributions and are always ready to go out of their way to help other community members . Being a good mix of youth and seniors, we have a lot of fun having various activities which are enjoyed by all. We also have many spiritual activities which help us grow in our faith as well as keeps us humble and calm . In all our activities , we always include our non Christian neighbours too and we spread the message of love and service through our interactions .


The community is spread over the border of the parish covering Bay view, St Josephs Club, Chatriwala Building , Helal Building, Rear Helal Building, Tank Square, Batliwala Building and Ali Mohammed Cottage. The Cross at Rear Helal Building is the cornerstone of the community.  The praying of the Rosary at the cross and the  celebration of the Cross Feast every year in May has always kept our community  bound with love and community spirit. There are 5 Goan clubs in the Zone and their members have always been very kind to permit community gatherings in their premises . While the families in our Zone are few , we are happy that the families in our community are well knit and always look forward to meet and engage with one another at every occasion.

Community - Lourdes
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