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Music and singing play an important part in any Eucharistic celebration as they give the rites - solemnity, dignity and beauty. The purpose and task of the Choir is to lead, to animate, to support and encourage the full participation of the congregation. The Rosary Church choir plays a very important role in leading the congregation to glorify God and aims at enriching the liturgical services by creating an atmosphere that helps people experience a holy moment, a moment with God and healing during the Eucharistic celebration.

Parishioners, who join the choir, do so for the love of music and do not necessarily have any prior musical training. The choir has grown tremendously under the direction of the choir conductor Vilbert D'souza. Vilbert has worked sincerely and persistently to hone and refine the choir, thus creating a cohesive group of well-blended voices.

As has been the practice over the past several years, the Parish Choir sings at special feasts and liturgies and on other occasions in the Parish. For instance, when there is a death in the parish and the family approaches a choir member to organise a choir for the funeral, the parish choir has always reached out to the bereaved family.

  • Choir Director: Vilbert D'Souza

  • Meeting Time: As per requirements

  • Frequency: As per requirements

The Choir is dedicated to serving the Congregation, the people of God. Its primary purpose and task are to lead, animate, and encourage the full participation of the congregation, bringing joy and spiritual upliftment to all during the celebration of the Liturgy. To become a member of the Choir, individuals should possess the ability to sing well or play a musical instrument. They should also be available for training and practice and be committed to leading the celebrations in the church at the appropriate times.

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